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Many people are surprised to learn that our pets can be susceptible to the same musculoskeletal issues that humans are. Their vertebrae can get misaligned just like ours can. They play, twist, and fall; they get older; they can have certain conditions similar to us.

Animal chiropractors are not particularly common, but Dr. Moe likes animals enough to have earned an entirely separate license and is fully certified to adjust the critters in your life.

In addition to the benefits of regular maintenance, here are some common conditions that can be treated with animal chiropractic care:

Neck, back, leg, and tail pain

Muscle spasms, nerve problems, limping


Injuries from slips, falls, and accidents

Jaw or TMJ problems

Difficulty chewing

Event or sports injuries

Post-surgical care

Chiropractic Minneapolis MN Moe Bodyworks doctor with dogIf you know Dr. Moe at all, you know that she does nothing by halves, and you won’t be surprised to learn that dogs and cats are just the beginning of the long line of furry and feathery creatures she has cared for. She regularly tends to horses, birds and ferrets, among others. So, if you’re sitting at home with a limping ferret and are wondering, Would she be able to…? — the answer is probably “Yes.”

ALL ANIMALS MUST HAVE A SIGNED FORM BY YOUR CURRENT VET before they can be adjusted. Please call us before your fist appointment so that we can fax your vet the appropriate forms. No animal will be adjusted until we have consent from a Vet.