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Chiropractic for Athletic Performance

Chiropractic for Athletic Performance

Chiropractic for Athletic Performance

What is your chiropractor’s role in your athletic performance?

It can be much bigger than most people think. A chiropractic adjustment can help an athlete increase, strength, flexibility, muscle speed, endurance, and decrease the risk of injury.

Athletes tend to beat up their body no matter what activities they are doing. Over the course of a season an athlete’s body will get worn down, stressed, bruised, and knocked out of place.

Chiropractic can help by more than putting everything back into place. If a joint is subluxated or stuck, it does not move in its full range of motion. When this happens the joints next to the subluxated joints take on more stress to make up for the stuck joint. Over time this can cause problems even in young athletes.

Chiropractic adjustments can also affect an athlete’s muscles and how efficient they work. A study performed by European Journal of Applied Physiology found that after a single session of spinal manipulative therapy (an adjustment) increased muscle strength and corticospinal excitability (muscle firing speed) in elite Taekwando athletes.

When we talk about sports the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete, they are often fractions of a second. These changes after an adjustment could mean the difference between a tackle or a touchdown, between a spiked volleyball or a blocked one, or the difference in an athletes ability to comfortably run a whole race.

With the school season about to kick up and all the athletes heading to various camps, practices, and games think about chiropractic to keep your athletes in the game, and dominating the game.

If you want to speak with a Chiropractor who can help you decide how you can benefit from Chiropractic for athletic performance, give Moe Bodyworks Chiropractic in Minneapolis a call today to get started!


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