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What to do about an disc injury in my spine

What to do about a disc injury in my spine?

What to do about a disc injury in my spine?

So,  you’ve found out that you may have an injured disc in your spine. You have questions, fears, and uncertainties. What does this mean? What do you have to do? Do you need surgery? We’re here to help give you some insight in this trying time.

When you talk to different medical providers they may tell you different things. Just leave it, it will get better one might tell you. While the other might say you absolutely need surgery, and all sorts of in between options. But which option is right for you?

The answer is completely in your hands as a patient. You get to make the decision.

Pain from disc herniation, the leading cause of sciatica, usually resolves within several weeks with conservative therapy. In patients with sciatica for 6 weeks, pain relief is faster with surgery than with conservative therapy; however, outcomes are similar at 1 year.


With similar outcomes after one year it becomes more of a question of how severe and how debilitating is your disc injury.

A study found in The Spine Journal compared the costs of conservative treatment (chiropractic, physical therapy) before discectomy. What they found was many disc patients will ultimately require a discectomy, however many will recover using the conservative management. During this study the average cost for a discectomy was $7,841.


With results similar after a year we at Moe Bodyworks ask that you try out our services before you quickly run to the knife to relieve your pain. Let the excellent staff naturally get your body in a position where it can begin to heal itself before subjecting yourself to surgery, because as we know all surgery comes with risk.

We have a saying; try Chiropractic first! Surgery can be painful, costly, and hard on your body. Why not try Chirorpractic first, to see if it can help you?

If you’d like to get started with us, all you need to do is contact us today. Walk-ins are welcome at Moe Bodyworks Chiropractic Minneapolis! We will work to help you to find out what you can do about a disc injury in your spine, and to help you to weigh your options and more.

How Chiropractors use X-Rays

How Chiropractors use X-Rays

How Chiropractors use X-Rays

X-rays are an invaluable tool for chiropractors. Chiropractors are concerned about the alignment of the skeletal system and the problems that misalignment can cause on nerves, organs, and other soft tissues. X-ray gives us the ability to actually see the bones! Now that’s pretty cool.

When I was in one of my radiology classes in chiropractic school my teacher used the acronym “CATBITES” to help remember what we look for on X-rays. Congenital Arthritis Tumor Blood Infection Trauma Endocrine Soft tissues. That is a list of everything that is evaluated on every X-ray that is taken.

But isn’t the radiation from X-rays dangerous? The answer is no. The radiation dose for a plain film radiograph, like the ones chiropractors take, is 100 times below the threshold for harmful effects. Similar to the dose you get from an airplane ride or a day in the sun.

The benefits from taking an X-ray far outweigh the risks. Utilizing X-ray technology allows chiropractors to truly assess the spine, or other area of concern. This cuts down on misdiagnosis and often time reveals information that otherwise would never have been known. Unknown fracture, tumors, calcification, misalignments, congenital malformations are all things commonly seen on X-rays.

Who living in Minnesota hasn’t slipped and fallen on the ice during winter? Or had a hard collision playing sports or rough housing with friends and family. Or maybe you fell off the swings when you were a child, bouncing up with a fracture and never realizing it, then 30 years later you have back pain and an unstable spinal segment.

X-rays are a quick and easy way to assure that your chiropractor can detect these variants. They can be taken in office in about 10 minutes, immediately giving crucial information that can affect your treatment. Sometimes even detecting serious or life saving abnormalities.

We use X-Rays at Moe Bodyworks Chiropractic in Minneapolis to help diagnose and treat issues. It is just one tool in our arsenal to work to help you to feel better!

If you have any questions about X-rays, please feel free to ask while you’re at Moe Bodyworks Chiropractic in Minneapolis, or send us a message. We are here to help!


3 ways Chiropractic can help you during your pregnancy

Here are 3 ways Chiropractic can help you during your pregnancy.

By Dr. Nick Anderson, Chiropractor and Moe Bodyworks

Congratulations!!! You are having a baby, but you probably already knew that. Whether this is your first child or just one of many you are in for wild but beautiful ride and Chiropractic is here to help you along the entire way. Recently my partner Lisa just had our first child and being her husband and chiropractor I wanted to share 3 ways Chiropractic can help you during your pregnancy that helped her through hers.
Early on in her pregnancy until the very end my partner would complain about having low back and neck pain after work. Luckily I keep a Chiropractic table in our family room downstairs and when I would get home from work I could relieve some of her painful symptoms by adjusting her spine and utilizing Webster technique to balance her pelvis. This was the safest way we could manage her back and neck pain without taking a bunch of pills.

Muscle spasms in the upper back and lower legs were also a daily occurrence for Lisa throughout her pregnancy. She is a very hard worker and even when she was 36 weeks pregnant she would still put in 10+ hour days at her office and this was a direct contributor to her recurring muscle spasms. As a Chiropractor I would use a form of deep tissue release to keep those painful muscle spasms at bay several nights per week. Nothing says I love you like deep tissue work and Netflix.

Most Medical Doctors are trained to look for “Red Flags” which are symptoms that can point to a serious disease. The problem is if they are not given accurate information or if your red flags blend into other symptoms the disease diagnosis can be missed and you and your baby could be at risk. Something even as simple as an accurate blood pressure and chat about your complaints can decrease that risk. For us, a “tech” was taking vitals and not accurately reading Lisa’s blood pressure during her week 37 & 38 appointments which lead to a missed diagnosis and the biggest scare of our lives. 24 hours later she had delivered our beautiful baby boy and was sent to the intensive care unit. Your O.B. appointments are a good and helpful resource to make sure that you are on track and that Baby is doing well, the problem is they don’t catch everything and a fresh set of eyes could literally save your life.

Here at Moe Bodyworks, we are happy to offer a free consultation to new patients seeking Chiropractic for Pregnancy Care. Please give us a call at 612-824-1829, Book an appointment online, or walk on in, we are here to help!



Dr. Moe Smith

Why I Became a Chiropractor by Dr. Moe Smith

I am a chiropractor in Minneapolis because my little brother is dead. He on his right side in his bed, the soles of his feet were blue black and his face was purple blue. His body was cold and hard and stiff. He was 33. Too young to die.

My brother broke his knee while skate boarding in junior high. What followed is a familiar tale in the medical industry. He was loaded up on addictive drugs and his adolescent brain was forever changed. My brother was forever more an opiate addict.

We did not have a chiropractor. My parents blindly followed the advice of the surgeon that continued to refill his drugs long past an acceptable point. No warning that these drugs were especially dangerous in children and adolescents, that their brain chemistry even more susceptible to addiction. There was no alternative suggested. My brother did not get massage to accelerate his healing and relieve his muscle pain. My brother did not get acupuncture for pain and to reestablish his chi. My brother did not get chiropractic on the surrounding joints to establish appropriate functions and reduce pain and inflammation. No pain and inflammation supplements were suggested, no cold laser, no detox were recommended. No real care was given to him from his doctors. He was given addictive drugs with refills and sent on his way.

His prescriptions became someone else’s prescriptions, then it progressed to heroin. In an effort to fix the catastrophe they had created they prescribed more addictive medication to wean him off the other garbage. He was given methadone and when he became addicted to that he was given suboxone which only accelerated the deterioration of his body, mind and soul

My last phone call to him he said he was going to go to bed early to get ready for Monday and his big week of work in front of him. We hung up the phone. He took his meds, ate some lasagna put on a Star Wars DVD and fell asleep. He never woke up. The molotov cocktail of drugs they prescribed him interacted and he stopped breathing. He didn’t show up at work the next day. My dad went into his house and found him in his bed.

What ensued was a whirlwind that nothing can prepare you for. No one is prepared to call 911, no one can be prepared for the county coroner to show up and put your brother in a black vinyl bag and haul his corpse away. No one can prepare you to read the autopsy report blaming medication interactions for the death of your little brother. No one can prepare you for telling your mother that her son is dead.

I believe I became a chiropractor as a 5 year old. When I was 5 years old, I was given atropine in an eye doctors office to try to correct my lazy eye. I started having problems breathing immediately. My mother, a nurse, suggested that I was having a reaction to the medication and the MD informed her that there were no allergies to this eye drop, that I was just being a brat and throwing a temper tantrum. He gave me more drops. I stopped breathing and my lips turned blue. Despite almost dying, this was a blessing. This early experience ingrained a deep seated fear, avoidance and loathing of pharmaceuticals. My distrust and disdain for Big Pharm has only increased daily throughout my life. The rampant disregard for human life and health in exchange for stock dividends and the almighty dollar disgusts me and infuriates me to an unmeasurable degree.

At a recent event we went to, they had us introduce us to each other using the format, who we are and what we did professionally. My answer was the same for both parts. I AM a chiropractor. If tomorrow my hands were chopped off and i never touched another person, I will still be a chiropractor. My purpose in my life is to lead people away from medication addiction and to the land of health.

Chiropractic is the world’s largest non drug prescribing health care system in the world. I have witnessed patients quit their reliance on drugs countless times as they take a stand and look for something better. As a young chiropractor I loved watching the deer in the headlight response patients gave me when I asked them during an exam, what their game plan was for getting off whatever they were on. No one ever had a game plan for getting off of any of it. Most had never even considered that the objective of Big Pharm was for them to take these pills every day for the rest of their lives. Leashed to the local drug dealing pharmacy and chained to Dr. Refill.

A decade later, I no longer enjoy the look of dumbfound from this question. It makes me sad- okay it mostly makes me mad, furious, spitting pissed. I know that my job as a leader is not to baffle my patients, but to show them their options, be a tour guide and lead them to the place where their body heals itself. You were not created to be sick. You are not sick because of a shortage of drugs. Your body can heal itself. Your body has innate intelligence. You can do better, I can do better, we all can do better.

Every person that I adjust after surgery is a win for me.

Every person that I keep from popping one less pill is a victory for me.

Every prescription not refilled is redemption for my brother dead.